SolarKing Lithium Battery GB-100-12-3000

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SolarKing Graphene Titanate lithium batteries are a special designed lithium battery for very heavy-duty applications. The battery is suitable for high power requirements.

Graphene batteries use weaved grid like bi-polar plates placed inside the battery case. The individual plates are slightly smaller than the height and depth of the battery (128x117mm).

Having a maximum charge and discharge capacity of 3000A (30C) these batteries can start the biggest motors or run products requiring large start up currents.

These batteries suit commercial applications, military and marine/RV uses.

Graphene batteries are very safe and are not affected by impact or vibration. These batteries can be shot with a gun, drilled through or pierced and the battery will still function safely.

Wide temperature operating range, -60°C to +80°C. This battery is not affected by below freezing conditions like other batteries.

No built in BMS system is required with Graphene Titanate batteries.


  • 100AH Graphene Titanate Lithium
  • 10,000 Cycles (@ 30% DOD)
  • Massive 3,000A Charge & Discharge Rate
  • Wide temperature operation range
  • Can be connected in series or parallel
  • Equivalent to 3 or 4 100AH deep cycle lead acid batteries
  • Can be used to start motor vehicles
  • Military and commercial use
  • Specific Power is up to 450W/Kg


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions 767x128x117mm
  • Chemical: Graphene Titanate Lithium Ion
  • Product Weight: 25.8Kg
  • Operating Temperature Range: -60°C ~ +80°C
  • Voltage 12.2VDC
  • Amperage 100AH
  • Max Discharge Rates 30C
  • Max Continuous Current 3,000A
  • Min Charge Current 2A
  • Nominal Charge Current 30A
  • Max Charge Current 3,000A
  • Max Charge Voltage 14.5V
  • Cell Balancing: Not Required
  • Cycles @ 100% DOD 3000 Cycles
  • Cycles@ 80% DOD 5000 Cycles
  • Cycles@ 50% DOD 8000 Cycles
  • Cycles@ 30% DOD 8000 Cycles
  • Low Voltage cut out: 10.0VDC
  • Maximum In-series voltage: 30V
  • Terminal T10

Package Includes:

  • 1x GB-100-12-3000 Lithium Battery


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