Solar Regulators

SolarKing CMZ-50
SolarKing EPHC10W
SolarKing EPRC10MF
SolarKing EPIPC20
SolarKing EPEP200D
MT-50 Solar
Regulator Remote
EP Solar LS3024B
Solar Regulator
EP Solar
Tracer 1215BP
Solar Regulator
SK-33 Solar Regulator
SD2420C Solar Regulator
TD2210 20Amp
Solar Regulator
TD2310 30Amp
Solar Regulator


Solar regulators are also known as charge controllers, convert the solar panel's voltage down to be used with either 12 or 24 volt batteries. Solar regulators manage the charge levels of batteries. For example if a battery is very low, a boost charge will be applied by charge controller in order to charge battery as quickly as possible. Controller will also stop charging battery once battery is full.