SatKing 24V to 12V Downconverter

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Want to use a Satking Orbit on a truck or a bus? Then you will need this 24VDC to 12VDC downconverter. The Orbit just runs on voltages up to 15VDC but some vehicles are configured for 24VDC, if this is the case you will require this device. The unit connect between the power cables of the Orbit and you vehicles power system. Make sure you have at least 5AMPs available in you power system.


  • Simple design
  • Heatsink
  • Fully self-contained
  • Mounting holes for wall mounting


  • Physical Dimensions: 70x70mm
  • Product Weight: 200grams
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Input Voltage: DC 24
  • Output Voltage: 12-15VDC

SatKing Pro Max Fully Automatic Motorised Satellite TV System

  •  Fully automatic self aligning, with built in GPS
  •  Suitable for caravan, motor home, motor vehicle and camping use
  •  Latest technology flat panel design
  •  Now with Australia wide coverage (excluding the tip of Cape York)
  •  RRP $3695.00
  • More Details

Orbit Fully Automatic Motorised Satellite TV Dish

  •  Automatic LNB Skew
  •  Powerful DC Motors with Metal Gearing
  •  Weatherproof Construction
  • Made for Harsh Australian Conditions
  • MPEG4 HD Compatible
  • More Details

SatKing 24V to 12V Downconverter

  •  Simple design
  •  Heatsink
  •  Fully self-contained
  • More Details


To know about where you can receive both VAST Satellite TV and Foxtel Satellite TV around Australia with the Pro Max Automatic satellite system, please refer Pro Max Estimated Coverage Map.

Visting Satking Pro Max for more information.


Visting Satking Orbit for more information.