IPTV STB Development

Phoenix can design and manufacture IPTV devices to you specifications, we can also design the complete product for you. We at Phoenix are well advanced with IPTV and bring our experience from the development of exiting VAST certified products and Freeview certified products. We also develop TV portals to your requirements hosted in Australia to provide your customers with a more reliable experience. Even down to the design of a remote control Phoenix is the right team for you.

We already have many fully developed products ready to go off the shelf with very short lead times. Feel free to call us for a confidential chat.

Contact us for a confidential quotation for your requirements.

Options Available

  • IPTV with built in Satellite TV Tuner
  • IPTV with multiple built in tuners
  • IPTV with built in applications like Netflix and other streams services
  • IPTV with built in HbbTV 2.0
  • IPTV with 4K capability