Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Phoenix do installations?

    We can recommend installers Australia wide simply give us a call and let us know your location.

  • How can I buy from Phoenix?

    Trade and wholesale customers are most welcome to contact us to buy direct or be directed to one of our distributors Australia wide. Retail customers can either buy from our trade outlet or be directed to one of our helpful distributors Australia wide. A price list is available by emailing or calling us to email a PDF to you.

  • How fast can I get a sample made of a product I want Phoenix to make?

    We can generally turnaround a sample metal product form our factoey in China within 2 weeks. For very large items they need to come in a container and will take around 7 weeks.

  • What are the Freight Cost's?

    Phoenix can offer various freight options a good pricing as we have obtained bulk freight pricing. We use is Startrack Express and Direct Freight for interstate shipments and we use Hi-Trans and Hunter for pallet size shipments. For local shipments within Melbourne we use JP Transport, they can handle small parcels,pallets and oversize shipments. Insurance is optional on all freight and is not included, if you need insurance please ask one of our helpful staff. For smaller shipments we can also use Australia Post.

  • What kind of manufacturing services do Phoenix Technology Group offer?

    Phoenix Technology Group make many metal products for company's all over Australia and New Zealand. Phoenix has had a manufacturing factory in Shanghai China for 8 years and is very experienced in OEM and ODM manufacture.

    Please fell free to confidentially discuss options with our sales department:
    Metal Product Manfacturing Account Manager: Mr Glenn David
    Phone: +61 3 9553 3399

  • Why has my satellite TV channel gone of the air?

    Satellite TV channels come and go, some due to going scrambled some due to companys going broke. There is no guarantee that a channel that is free to air will stay free to air.