About Us

Phoenix Technology Group is an Australian owned company that has grown to become Australia and the Pacific's leading importer and distributor of satellite & terrestrial television equipment. Phoenix also has a growing power products division for both the residential solar and RV industries.

Utilising both our production facility in Guangdong China and our close ties with many factories worldwide we are able closely monitor quality control and provide fast turnaround. Phoenix can also design and manufacture metal hardware for your projects, just ask for a quote. We also provide OEM manufacture for many Australian companies and are able to make goods with your branding and to your specifications.

Phoenix Technology Group is also one of the major suppliers of conditional access satellite decoders for commercial and Pay TV applications in Australia . We have 2 STB engineers based at our head office backed by a larger team in China . Having engineers based here in Australia gives us many advantages, the major one is being able to test with live satellite signal as compared to other overseas companies that have to work with only recorded test streams. With advancements in card security and the advent of time stamping, working with recorded streams is not recommended. We can design an STB to your exact requirements or will can OEM with your branding one of our Pay TV ready decoders.

We also make a range of VSAT mounts for use with internet dishes to suit services such as the NBN and IPSTAR, we have a complete range available for tin roofs and tile roofs to suit various wind ratings.

Phoenix distributes a wide range of products including:

  • Digital satellite receivers
  • Digital Terrestrial receivers
  • Ku band and C band L.N.B.
  • Satellite dishes
  • Terrestrial antennas
  • Amplifiers & Splitters
  • Coaxial, security & data cables
  • Satellite Dish mounting brackets
  • Meters & Spectrum analysers
  • LED Televisions
  • Installation accessories
  • TV antenna mounting hardware
  • Solar panels
  • Batteries & power products
  • Solar power gate openers
  • CCTV cameras and systems
  • Portable power systems
  • VSAT Mounts & Dishes