Satellite Receiver Passwords

Most satellite receivers distributed by Phoenix have the password 0000 except for a small number of receivers listed here. This list also has the master passwords to use when you have forgotten your modified password. In situations when a master password is not listed here the unit may need to be re-programmed.

Model Number Password Type of Password
Phoenix DVBS-100B 9949 @Master
Phoenix DVBC-100C 9949 Master
Phoenix DVBS-100K 9949 Master
Phoenix DVBS-100M 9949 Master
Phoenix DVBS-2500A 7799 Master
Phoenix DVBS-2600A 7799 Master
Phoenix DVBS-2800A 7799 Master
Phoenix DVBS-250S2 Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Master
SatKing DVBS-100HD 1004 Master
SatKing DVBS-250S2 Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Master
SatKing DVBS2-800CA 1234 Normal
Dreamax DT-480 9200 Master
Dreamax DVBS-660CA 1004 Master
Coship 5110D 9949 Normal
UEC DSD-4121 1234 Normal
Star DVBS-2880D 3328 Normal
Star DVBS-2880F 3328 Normal
Boomerang Sat 599885 Normal