SatKing 2.3M C-Band Dish Heavy Duty

SKU: 5538


Heavy duty cband dishes are used for picking satellite TV channels from around the world. This satellite TV dish is 2.3 metres in size and is made of mesh construction so the wind simply blows through the dish.


  • Operating frequency: 1.0-12.75 GHz
  • Gain 39dB C-Band
  • Gain 46.5dB Ku-Band
  • F/D Ratio 0.39
  • Mesh thickness 0.8mm
  • 45cm base
  • 75mm pole diameter


  • 1 x SatKing 2.3M heavy duty C-Band dish
  • 1 x Dish mount
  • 1 x Plastic hood
  • 3 x Arms