SK-500A 500AMP Battery Monitor with Shunt

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The SolarKing battery monitor is a high accuracy unit that measures charge and discharge currents in ampere hours via the shunt. Battery voltage is also precisely measured. The unit can handle high current demands 350A continuous (500A Peak).


The unit can be used with all types of batteries, Lithium LiFePo4, Lithium ION, AGM, SLA, Deep cycle.  


  • LCD Display
  • 350A (500A) shunt
  • Voltage range 8-100V
  • Reverse Polarity protection
  • Easy to Install
  • Backlit LCD
  • State of Charge Display
  • Suits Lithium, Lead Acid, SLA, GEL & Flooded
  • 8M Monitor cable
  • 8mm Terminal
  • Built in fuse

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions 58hx58wx40dmm (hole size 54.5mm)
  • Current Continuous: 350A
  • Current Peak: 500A
  • Voltage Range: 8-100V
  • Current Drain: 0.6mA
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C ~ +60°C
  • Weight; 410grams
  • Certifications: CE, SAA


  • 1x SK-500A Monitor
  • 1x metal bracket
  • 1x Butterfly Nut
  • 1x Instructions
  • 1x 8M control cable
  • 1x 500A Shunt