SatKing Log Periodic VHF-UHF Antenna LP-345F4

SKU: 9076


This VHF/UHF TV antenna has great performance in a very compact size. The VHF elements are folding to save room in the van and for shipping. Folding log periodic antennas can also be passed through a man hole in the roof when mounting a TV antenna outside is not possible. This TV antenna is suitable for Medium and Good signal areas in most capital cities and many regional areas. The TV antenna can be mounted for either vertical or horizontal polarities. An F-type connection is on the boom for digital TV use. The units come supplied in master cartons of 16pcs and 4 smaller cartons inside the master carton, perfect for shipping around Australia .


  • Folding elements
  • Heavy duty design
  • Heavy duty rivets
  • F-Type digital terminal fitted to the boom
  • UV stabilized plastics
  • 4 pcs per internal carton or 16 per master carton

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Channel Range: Channel 6-12 VHF, Channel 21-52 UHF
  • Bands: III, IV
  • Gain: VH 8.5dB max, UHF 13dB max
  • F/B Ratio: VH 27dB max, UHF 46dB max


  • 1 x SatKing Log Periodic VHF-UHF Antenna LP-345F4
  • 1 x Mounting clamp