SatKing RF Modulators SK-IR03

SKU: 2012


The SK-IR03 is an extra IR blaster to suit the SK-760 modulator. When you are feeding TV around your home or business you can now use remotes in more than just 1 extra room. Add up to 3 extra SK-IR03 blasters to the original SK-760 so this make 4 rooms in total. Each kit includes 1 blaster and the unit runs off 5 volts so just plug into a spare IR port on you TV.


  • Works with most IR remotes including Foxtel IQ2 and Foxtel IQ3 (if you have optioned a IR remote for IQ3)
  • Simply plug into any USB socket or USB charger

Technical Specifications:

  • Connectors: F-Female
  • Frequency : 38KHz
  • VDC : 5V
  • Dimensions : 75x22x20mm
  • Weight : 50g
  • Temperature Range: 0-45°C


  • 1x IR Unit
  • 1x IR Blaster
  • 1x USB Power Cable